Modeli 935P

★ Modeli 935P is added in a small amount during rubber compounding, which can play a very high chemical neutralization effect in the ingredients. During vulcanization, it can effectively increase the chemical stability of the ingredients and inhibit the formation of ingredients that cause fouling of the mold. Suitable for NR, IR, BR, SBR, NBR, CR, IIR, EPDM, etc.
★ Product range: The company has a wide range of products, including: oil, white carbon black (silica), ultra-fine white carbon black, hydrophobic white carbon black, rubber, granular additives, accelerators, antioxidants, carbon black, EVA, Zinc oxide, zinc stearate, stearic acid, titanium dioxide and other pigments, filling and reinforcing materials, other additives, etc.
Modeli 935P
Product description

Character description
1. After adding the rubber material according to the recommended ratio of Modeli 935P, it can release the mold effectively without spraying the external release agent, and automatically keep the mold clean and bright. Avoid contamination in the compounding of rubber materials, contamination and corrosion of the mold, and prolong the service life of the mold.
2. Modeli 935P itself has the functions of dispersing and improving flow, can increase the extrusion speed, and can increase the surface smoothness of the extrusion compound. On an extruder with a fine extruding die, the extruded rubber is easy to swell and deform. The most common solution is to use 1—2 parts of Modeli 935P in the compound to obtain products with precise dimensions and delicate appearance.
3. Modeli 935P is pollution-free and has good compatibility with rubber materials. Use up to 5 parts in the general compounding compound, and there will be no blooming phenomenon. At the same time, it can prevent the self-vulcanization of the rubber at high temperature and prevent the rubber from sticking and rolling.
4. Add 935P in appropriate proportions, not only does not affect the physical properties of the rubber product such as hardness, tensile strength, 300% fixed elongation, but also improves the chemical properties of the product such as acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, and oxidation resistance. Enhance the toughness, strength, abrasion resistance of rubber products, improve appearance and eliminate stains.
5. Modeli 935P is used in light-colored rubber products with our company's Jiaofuli B-52 rubber white carbon black dispersant, which has the effect of brightening. For example, the soles of shoe manufacturers with multiple colors can prevent color miscibility, make the color blocks clearer and brighter, and can be adhered with adhesives without processing the surface.
6. Mouldli 935P has good stability in high temperature processing. It is especially recommended to be used in high temperature 180℃~220℃ heating and vulcanizing mold molding compound, which can effectively save more than 30% of the vulcanization time.
7. In the rubber injection and moulding process, adding Modeli 935P1.5—2.5 parts can greatly reduce the torque of the extrusion screw, so that the vulcanization time and temperature fluctuation range of each batch of products are small, and the product quality can be maintained Higher stability.
8. Modeli 935P is non-toxic, and its toxicity index fully meets the index requirements of raw materials for medical rubber products.

How to use
Modeli 935P is added at the same time with small doses of chemicals such as antioxidants during mixing.

Generally recommended dosage
According to the complexity of the mold shape and the demoulding effect to be achieved, 1.5~2.5 parts of raw rubber can be added.

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