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White carbon black is a high-tech inorganic fine chemical product

Silica, also known as silica, scientific name precipitated hydrated silica. It is a high-tech inorganic fine chemical product, the main component is SiO2. The performance and appearance of carbon black are similar to the appearance of white highly dispersed amorphous powder or flocculent powder, and it is processed into granules as a commercial product. Light in weight, the relative density of the original particle size below 0.3μm is 2.319-2.653, and the melting point is 1750°C.
24 2021/06

The day of the rise of black is the day when the rubber plummets?

The current policy's suppression of bulk commodities is obvious, especially the performance of ferrous metals, which has fallen by more than 20% from the highest point. Some varieties have already stabilized.
26 2021/05

The recovery of international rubber demand in 2021 is expected to be lower than expected

Salvatore Pinizzotto, secretary-general of the International Rubber Research Organization (IRSG), said that despite the strong growth in demand for rubber in Asia, especially China, but the large-scale vaccine promotion may be delayed, the recovery of international rubber market demand in 2021 is expected to be lower than expected.
28 2021/05

Problems in the future development of the international rubber industry

Futures Daily News (Reporter Han Yufu) On May 26, the 18th Shanghai Derivatives Market Forum hosted by the Shanghai Futures Exchange opened in Shanghai Futures Building. At the round table of the Shangyan Rubber (11365, -50.00, -0.44%) Forum held in the afternoon of the same day, the guests had an in-depth discussion on some of the current problems facing the international rubber market.
25 2021/05
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