Anti-blocking agent white carbon black series

Anti-blocking agent white carbon black series

★ Anti-blocking agent white carbon black series
★ Product range: The company has a wide range of products, including: oil, white carbon black (silica), ultra-fine white carbon black, hydrophobic white carbon black, rubber, granular additives, accelerators, antioxidants, carbon black, EVA, Zinc oxide, zinc stearate, stearic acid, titanium dioxide and other pigments, filling and reinforcing materials, other additives, etc.
Anti-blocking agent
Anti-blocking agent white carbon black series
Product description

★ Opening agent white carbon black series
Product introduction: The product has good dispersibility, no grinding, and will not affect the transparency and strength of the plastic film. It is non-toxic, non-polluting, and does not contain any volatile substances and precipitates to ensure the quality of the packaged material; improve the anti-adhesion of the film on the high-speed packaging line, improve the creep resistance, and have a reinforcing effect on the film; the particles This allows the polymer to reduce the exposed molecular chains during the processing, so that there is no entanglement of the macromolecular chains when the two films are in contact, thereby solving the problem of opening; at the same time, because the molecular chains are not exposed, the film also reduces the friction when passing through the object. Adsorption, thereby increasing the slippery performance.

CTAB specific surface area m2/g Metrics
CTAB specific surface area m2/g 200-220
Silica% ≥90
Heating loss% 3.0-5.0
Ignition reduction% ≤7.0
PH value% 5.0-8.0
Median particle size 3um




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